Concert Tour 2012


Professional singer, song author and performer, the owner of an exceptional voice, Rūta Ščiogolevaitė, is present in the world of the Lithuanian pop music for already fifteen years.  The face of popular TV shows and an actress does not yield the position of one of the most famous and charismatic persons for several years already. Her talent was not once evaluated with various music awards in Lithuania and abroad.

The vocalist of the band “Studija”, Steponas Januška says: “Rūta was the vocalist of the pop group “Studija” of Klaipėda city. She is a very talented singer, having a wide, warm, expressive and colourful voice range. Music of various styles easily obeys her. She exudes energy and suggestion on the stage. All audience admire her artistry and easy communication. The musicians of the band remember her as one of the most professional singers who have ever sung in the band – very friendly and full of optimism.“

Singer Rosita Čivilytė says: “Rūta Ščiogolevaitė is one of few vocalists of the new generation in Lithuania, who is able to sing not only pop but also the works of various stylistics and genres. She does not lack artistry and body language. Rūta can defend the musical name of Lithuania not only in our country, but also abroad.“

Musicologist Darius Užkuraitis says: “Rūta Ščiogolevaitė is one of the most interesting, the best and the most popular pop performers of the young generation of modern Lithuania. Her songs are constantly being heard on the Lithuanian radio, she did well in the contests. Everyone admires her strong, original voice, its management, musicality and sufficiently tasteful repertoire.”

After the four-year-break, Rūta has recorded the album of own creation songs, already the fifth one which she presents to the listeners during the concert tour. According to Rūta, the songs of the new album are as if diary pages from her own life. The singer is happy being able to record and perform the songs lively, together with her comrades, perfect musicians, gigging together with Rūta for many years – the band of Paulius Zdanavičius.

We can boldly state that the band organized by Paulius Zdanavičius is one of the most professional bands in Lithuania, playing with Rūta for seven years already. The founder of the band, Paulius Zdanavičius, is not only one of the most talented, virtuoso pianists in Lithuania, who manages the music of various genres, from classic to jazz, but also a composer and arranger. His written song “C‘ est ma vie“ represented Lithuania in the Eurovision contest in Düsseldorf (Germany) in 2011. This time Paulius helped Rūta to record the album creating the arrangements of the songs.

“I have disassociated from the influence of fashion in the arrangements and I have chosen the sound of live instruments. It is difficult to describe my music. I think, it is devoted to the listener for whom the music is not the background or supplement to the leisure time. It needs more time to spare to hear it and to understand it. It is personal, as if I invited every listener for a sincere conversation, in which I can unclose, share my feelings and experiences“, - this is how Rūta describes her new album and intends to intertwine the music of pop style with elements of jazz.  

Rūta. Just life.

This is the title of the new album of Rūta Ščiogolevaitė, which is composed of ten songs, created in 10 recent years. Half of them sound in Lithuanian, others – in English. The duration of the concert is 1.5 hours.

Rūta Ščiogolevaitė - vocal

Paulius Zdanavičius group

Paulius Zdanavičius - keys

Tomas Varnagiris - guitar

Tomas Maslauskas - bass

Martynas Lukoševičius - drums