Paulius Zdanavičius arranged new album of Rūta Ščiogolevaitė


The album is non-commercial, perhaps there aren’t any hits in it and the sound is old-fashioned. This was said by R. Ščiogolevaitė while presenting her album “This is life” (Lithuanian “Tai – gyvenimas”, recorded after the five-year-break. This time she was totally right.

If you are not a friend of Rūta, you can so far get the songs from “This is life” only in MP3 file format – to download on the Internet for free. Ten songs with a cover, on which there is no surname of the performer – as she says herself, she didn’t want to torture the listeners who find it difficult to pronounce her surname.

 The team for the records of the album was gathered—impressive, from the pianist and composer Paulius Zdanavičius (who appeared in “Eurovision” with Evelina Sašenko last year) to jazz trumpeter Valerijus Ramoška and one of the best rock guitarists in the country, Tomas Varnagiris.

 The result – songs, listening to which you first of all imagine a glass of cognac and dim “Kolonada” of Druskininkai or another cosy place for the show. Pop music with unobtrusive shadows of soul and jazz, slow tempo, calm mood (except for slightly more joyful “New Year Song” (Lithuanian “Naujametinė daina“) – this is music for those, who would rather think and rest, and not for those, who want to celebrate one’s birthday or pour champagne. 

 Presumably the weakest song – the sample “I'll Be There“, beginning the album later slowly reveals its charm. “Just Life“ slips the shadow of drama, “Blue Water“ – a ballad perfectly fitting for the jazz clubs, the song "Your Song", devoted to the lover of the singer, is full of bright peace. Especially "catchimg" is "The Lullaby" (Lithuanian "Lopšinė“) – gentle song, written to the performer’s son, with a tasteful improvisation of P. Zdanavičius grand-piano. 

 Especially important song for R. Ščiogolevaitė herself is a lyrical melody “Two Roads” (Lithuanian “Du keliai”), written by her late father. The song “I’m Sorry” (Lithuanian “Atsiprašau“) strongly blows with the sound of the band "Studija“, in which Rūta has sung before. 

 But the most impressive works of the album – especially delicately arranged “Our Winter” (Lithuanian “Mūsų žiema“ (you just imagine the flakes of snow slowly falling outside the window) and perfect ballad “Redemption“ – the work, performed in the selection into “Eurovision” of 2009, could really represent Lithuania not worse than the song “Love”, performed by Sasha Song, who then won the right to perform in "Eurovision". 

 Briefly, the album is for the listener, who does not look for surprises or intrigues. You won’t tell that what is there performed by Rūta is especially interesting, but every song has a huge sign “quality”. It is necessary to listen to those, who like Rūta’s voice - it, differently from the earlier one, which was stuffed with dance music rhythms, here is the whole show. 

Ramūnas Zilnys
LR correspondent